Hey there! Growing a community on your own website used to be hard. We built 10X to make this easy and fun. Here are simple steps to grow your 10X community:

Create a community

Enter your email address on the 10X homepage and create your account. Β 

If you already have an account, click "Login" on the 10X homepage.

Once logged in, click one of the "Setup my community" buttons on the 10X homepage. This will open your community's admin interface in a new tab.Β 

Follow the instructions inside your Admin Interface to setup and install your new 10X Community.

( 1 ) Add your profile photo

As the community owner, everyone will look up to you! Make sure you look like a real person by adding a profile photo 🀳

( 2 ) Create initial posts

Empty communities are spooky! πŸ‘» Create a mix of new content to get your community started. Β Here are a few tips:

Photos in every post

Photos are engaging! Be sure to add a photo at the top of every Post.

Start conversation with Questions

Well-crafted questions get community members thinking and engaged πŸ€” Encourage community members to share their own perspectives and experiences.

Enlist the BFF(s)

Let a close friend or two know you're starting a community, and they'll be happy to create a couple of posts. BFF's are the best πŸ’›

( 3 ) Invite your followers

Once your community has starting content, you're ready to invite your followers!

Create a post announcing your new community on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / YouTube. Your audience will be excited πŸ˜„

Tip: let people know what your community is about, and make sure everyone feels welcome.

( 4 ) Welcome every new user

It's scary to go where you don't know anyone! 😬 Make new community members feel like they belong by sending everyone who joins a welcome message.

Create an @mention welcome message

Go to the profile of the person you want to welcome. Click Add Content > "Post". An @mention (to the profile you are viewing) will automatically appear in the new post editor.

Why welcome new members with an @mention?

First, personally welcoming new members builds a positive, trusting community culture.

Tip: Many community members welcomed by you will do this for new members. If your community eventually grows too quickly for you to welcome everyone personally, your community culture will carry this tradition forward.

Second, new members welcomed with an @mention will get an email notification with your message. This is a nice way to get new community members engaged.

Like new profile photos πŸ‘

Everyone feels great about themselves when their profile photo gets a like.

( 5 ) Interact with your community

Recognize great posts ❀️

Many of your community members will work hard on their posts πŸ˜… Recognize them by liking and commenting.

Tip: starting a culture where great posts are appreciated will carry forward as your community grows.

Answer members' Questions

If you know the answer to a community member's Question, they'll be delighted if you answer 😍

Post content to spark discussion

As your community is getting started, it helps regularly to post discussion starters (such as Posts and Questions). Sometimes members just need an icebreaker to get engaged.

Community Theory πŸ€“

Stages of a new community member

Visitor. Having content in your new community ensures more visitors become community members.

Remember: an empty community is a spooky community! Be sure to add photos, posts, and a couple of Questions to get your community started.

Community member. Community members have signed up but not yet participated. Encourage them by sending a friendly welcome message.

Community participant (1 day). If a new member has created their first post in your community, make that a positive experience! Give them a like and comment.

Community participant (1 week). Did the community member feel great about their first interaction, and decide to post again within the same week? If so you're doing things right... keep it up (and keep engaging).

Community participant (4 weeks). A person appreciates your community enough to have participated four weeks in a row. They've found a home in your community 😊

Community leader. Community leaders care deeply about your community, and help shape its culture. These are your most active and loyal community members. Show them lots of ❀️

Attracting long-term community participants and leaders (through being friendly, interacting with your community, and sparking conversation) is the foundation for growing your community.

Stages of a new community

New community. Congrats on starting a community on your own website! Follow the steps above to get started βœ…

Small community. You are the first community leader. Welcoming every new user, interacting frequently (liking posts and photos, commenting, starting discussions), and setting a great example for your community will help it grow.

Medium community. Your community members are talking to each other! You wake up each morning to see interesting activity sprouting up on your OWN community. People are hanging out on your website πŸ™Œ Keep the discussion going!

Large community. Your community is thriving and new members are pouring in. The internet loves you ✨ Your community and brand are growing all on their own. Congratulations πŸŽ‰

Communities start small and are built over time. As communities grow they are a powerful force behind companies and causes. Remember: always use your community for good πŸ˜‡

We're glad you're using 10Xβ€”the world's most powerful software for creating a community on your own website.

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